Coronavirus (COVID-19) Pandemic Company Re-opening

To Whom It May Concern:

Following the statewide stay-at-home health orders issued by California Governor Gavin Newsom and Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti – meant to help combat the spread of the Coronavirus – McStarlite Company will extend the closure for two additional weeks, with a firm plan in place to fully restart the operations beginning May 4, 2020.

Throughout the past four weeks, while company’s major production operations were stopped, we continued to support the critical deliveries, with limited number of people at work and with implementation of increased safety and health procedures for our employees.
McStarlite will continue to support all customer requirements during the next few weeks with limited work force and will continue to do so after regular production resumes on May 4th 2020. In order to be efficient, please communicate your priorities and schedule changes to Program Management when available.

The health and safety of our employees are our highest priority and in order to protect them from any potential exposure to the virus, company will extend the No-Visitors Policy until further notice.

McStarlite management will continue to follow closely the developments related to the COVID-19 pandemic and will react appropriately, keeping you informed of any changes that will affect McStarlite business going forward.


Dimitar Nasev
Vice President

McStarlite Company