Company Profile

McStarlite Company is a premier Sheet Metal Specialist, producing some of the largest, most complex sheet metal components in the world.

In 1955 the company was founded as Starlite Company. The company started off as a manufacturer of drop tanks, TR3 car fenders, toilet bowls, and lawnmowers. McDonough Power Equipment purchased Starlite Company in 1967 and changed the name to McDonough Starlite.

The first Nose Lip was manufactured by the company for the DC10 in 1969. A few years later John Basso and Henry Mataalii purchased the company from McDonough. The new name of the company was Basmat Inc. (dba: McStarlite Company).

To this date the company is still family owned and has become the world’s leading producer of Inlets. McStarlite has three facilities in Harbor City, CA totaling over 100,000 square feet.